La Digue fast developing with small business entrepreneurs taking lead


Seychelles President James Michel visited the community of La Digue on Saturday, October 16, as part of his ongoing program of district visits. The President visited the homes of several families, including farmers, young entrepreneurs, souvenir and fruit juice kiosks, and a fish farm, as well as a small hotel – the Villa Authentique.

“La Digue is developing very fast, and the development is very intensive. Many people are setting up small businesses and trying to earn a living in the tourism industry. I am amazed to see the number of new businesses and various forms of economic activity. People on La Digue are innovating and finding new ways of earning a living. This is what should be done all around the country,” said President Michel.

The President met with several people who wished to expand their business or start a new one, and he encouraged them to seek financing from banks for their projects.

“I think more financing should be made available to small entrepreneurs to do farming, as well fishing activities for tourists. This visit has given us a better idea as to what needs to be done on La Digue for the continued prosperity of the island.”

The President said that other ministers would be visiting La Digue next week to follow up on to specific problems that need to be resolved in the district.

“The health services need to improve a lot to provide the facilities and good health care that is needed by the population. We need to consider improvements for the roads, although there are limitations in the financing available, there are always possibilities that can be looked into,” said President Michel.

During his visit, the President listened to many complaints from residents about the increasing use of drugs by young people in the community.

“The police also needs to give a better service to the people of La Digue and to be more active and to ensure that the problem of drugs is tackled. Drugs are affecting the youth of La Digue, and it is time for the NDEA [National Drug Enforcement Agency] to come and clean up La Digue, like they cleaned up several areas of Praslin. We cannot let drug traffickers take control of our youth. We will take action against them.”

President Michel made a brief visit to the La Digue District Administration (DA) office where he met with the District Administrator Ms. Julina Tirant and the La Digue member of the National Assembly Mr. Ansley Constance. The President made a donation of 9 bicycles to the DA’s office.