Thai Airways chairman addresses international conference


Dr Ampon Kittiampon, Chairman, Thai Airways International mentioned in his introductory remarks at the 50 years Thai Airways celebration at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok on Friday

Dr. Ampon welcomed the Prime Minister and participants to this international conference on Asia: Beyond the Economic Horizon, which Thai Airways International organizes as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations. Participants and experts are from the worlds of economics, aviation and tourism, sharing the latest knowledge and experience.

Fifty years ago, with cooperation with SAS – one of the world’s best airlines at the time – Thai Airways began to accumulate on knowledge which quickly built up in vast scale. There was technical knowledge that enabled the company to maintain an outstanding safety record, quality human resource knowledge so THAI could effectively manage a rapidly growing staff.

Among the most important knowledge built through long years is the world-famous, customer service knowledge that came from ‘Thainess,’ deep-rooted in the Thai culture and hospitality. It is the ‘Service from the heart’, the attention and care for customers that brought the company fame and success. It could provide products the response to market demand and develop and hold the trust of customers along the way.

Despite the financial crisis and political turmoil in recent years that affect its performance and reputation, THAI has managed to overcome those difficulties. The management team has come a very long way towards returning the airline to its superior position and long-term stability. A renewed commitment to customer service showed results in terms of improved performance, increased customer satisfaction. The stated goal of being ranked consistently among the top three Asian carriers and the top five worldwide will not be too far away.

Through the company history, the uniqueness of THAI is: we stay together as family but work very professionally. We take care of all our employees and instill in each core values: transparency, ethics and good corporate governance.

These core values are in the relationships with staff, shareholders, customers, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders. They have also made a mindful of responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. THAI is a part of the society in which it operates and it works continuously to improve its role in taking care of the society.

While heading into the next 100 years of operation, THAI realize that there are many, emerging changes and threats ahead. Three major cores confronting are global climate change, aging society and new global rules of business and finance.

To cope with present and future challenges, the knowledge and insight gained here will make THAI stronger and better prepared.

It is extremely honoured today that the Prime Minister, His Excellency Abhisit Vejjajiva is able to spare time from his demanding schedule to be the Lead Speaker, sharing some of thoughts and valuable insights contributing to the theme of this gathering.