JetBlue launches new advertising and marketing campaign


NEW YORK – JetBlue Airways on Friday will debut a new marketing campaign designed to position the iconic brand as a continued leader well into its second decade of operations. The campaign features the introduction of a newly articulated JetBlue brand promise – You Above All – a restatement of JetBlue’s commitment to putting people first that was founded on the company’s original and ongoing mission to bring humanity back to air travel.

You Above All is designed to shine a light on the airline’s key competitive differences and to celebrate its crewmembers’ long-standing efforts to provide a superior travel experience – an experience that has been lauded as JetBlue has grown, over the past ten years, from its New York roots to now serve 61 cities in 12 countries throughout the Americas.

“In so many ways, this exciting new marketing campaign speaks to the core of who we are as a brand,” said Marty St. George, senior vice president of marketing and commercial strategy at JetBlue. “You Above All is authentic. It’s transparent. It’s understandable. Quite simply, it’s very JetBlue. As we move into our second decade of service, You Above All underscores our commitment to always put people first, to bring humanity back to air travel. That’s a message we can all relate to, whether we take to the skies once a year or once a week.”

The campaign, the first that JetBlue has developed in partnership with its new advertising and media agency-of-record Mullen, features a comprehensive mix of media including online, social media, in-flight, print, and out-of-home components.

The online portion features a series of hidden camera scenarios called Ground Rules. The unscripted videos point out the shortcomings of much of the airline industry by bringing other airlines’ service policies and procedures to light on the ground. They feature real people in real situations being deprived of things they’ve come to expect, such as legroom in a taxi, a full can of soda from a street vendor and free luggage storage in the trunk of a taxi. The videos will debut in a YouTube homepage takeover on Friday.

You Above All creative uses a colorful, modern, simple illustration style to depict travelers, the airline’s key product and service offerings, and its destinations. A key element of the creative is what the airline has dubbed “I-People,” a visual representation of the brand’s focus on humanity, that are used to create a flexible, identifiable look that is significantly different from other carriers.

In a first for JetBlue, the airline will also take advantage of so-called “Monster Media” technology in Boston, Los Angeles and New York. These interactive billboards respond to the motion of consumers passing by them, to create an animated experience which literally places consumers in the airline’s advertising.

The campaign includes a series of call-outs explaining JetBlue’s superior service offering, including the following lines:

“Overpack. Underpay. First bag flies for free.” (a)

“Mix business with legroom. The most legroom in coach.” (b)

“Room. With a view. The most legroom in coach and free DIRECTV®.” (c)

“Someone has to stand-up for tall people. The most legroom in coach.”

“Our standards beat their extras. Unlimited brand-name snacks and soft drinks.”

“In the highly commoditized airline category JetBlue is the rare brand with a true commitment to customer service and delivering a positive flying experience,” said Alex Leikikh, Managing Partner and Director of Account Service at Mullen. “You Above All is more than a tagline, it’s JetBlue’s promise to customers and a mantra crewmembers can rally around for the next 10+ years.”