Mwanza to spend almost 20 million on tourism promotion in Tanzania


(eTN) РThe Mwanza municipality and some of its neighbors has committed nearly 20 million Tanzania Shillings (US$13,324) to promote their area more aggressively in Tanzania, aimed to attract more visitors coming to spend time on the shores of Lake Victoria. Located on Africa’s largest lake and being a potential springboard into the Serengeti and other parks, Mwanza is still largely unexplored by visitors, leave alone foreign tourists, who often have little idea about the location of the municipality nor added facts about nearby attractions.

The funds set aside will undoubtedly go a long way in making Mwanza better known in Tanzania, the region, and the wider world. It is hoped that the initiative will bear fruits in the months and years to come and more funding will follow to sustain this promotional drive.

Tourism board sources have also welcomed the novel approach by Mwanza and said, “We welcome this; it helps us promote our country better with more information, and we hope that more parts of the country come forward and put together a tourism promotion for their area also.”