Seychelles to hold its 2nd International Culinary Competition


Seychelles has announced the second edition of its International Culinary Competition – a national cooking event, which is organized exclusively for Seychellois chefs and cooks with the aim of promoting the local culinary art whereby they have to impress the judges with dishes of international standards.
This event is organized by the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) and ISPC Seychelles in collaboration with Oceana Fisheries and Movenpick Ice-cream Switzerland.

As in the first edition that was held last year, the competition is open to Seychellois culinary professionals, but only one applicant is allowed per establishment. Applicants must be able to participate in either one or all 3 categories: the cold recipe, warm recipe, and dessert, whereby the best dish in each category will be rewarded.

The 2010 Seychelles International Culinary Competition will start with the preliminaries, which will be held from November 2-3 at ISPC, after which the five best local chefs will proceed to the final that is scheduled to take place at STA, from November 16-18, 2010.

The five finalists will have to come up with their own recipe based on a given list of ingredients called “The Basket” and one mandatory ingredient in the orderly usage, which they will have to prepare for the judges, who will be checking on their presentation, timing, and the taste of their recipes.

They will be competing for some prestigious prizes, including airline tickets, hotel accommodation, pocket money, and many more interesting prizes, sponsored by Air Seychelles, Hilton Seychelles, and Cable & Wireless Seychelles.

Winners of the competition will be announced at a grand gala diner on Saturday, November 27, when the award-winning recipes will be served as part of a fundraising activity for renovation work on the tourism academy’s infrastructure and services, including the kitchen, library hotel area, rooms for students’ practical, tour guiding classes, and other facilities.

The chief executive officer of ISPC Seychelles, Alfred Fourcroy, is encouraging all Seychellois chefs, including professionals from small establishments, to participate in this competition.

“The competition was of [a] very high standard last year, and we saw some very motivated and talented chefs produce world-class dishes. We would be very pleased to see more creativity and be more impressed with the turnout and quality for this year’s competition,” said Mr. Fourcroy.

Alain St. Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews ambassador, said that this competion will be an opportunity to move the Seychelles style of tourism, the “Seychelles brand” forward, because it will give an opportunity for the best Seychellois kitchen chefs to get better known and in so doing open new horizons for them. “Our Seychelles brand of tourism is centered around people, and this competition is oriented around a people’s profession,” Alain St. Ange said when he was launching the competition’s registration process for participants.