Tropical vacation workshop said to improve relationships


RAPID CITY, USA & BOQUETE, Panama – Studies confirm, stress and low self-esteem issues increasingly affect relationships today. Those who are suffering and ready to do something about it have a unique opportunity in November.

Learn to improve relationships during a tropical vacation codependency workshop at Rancho de Caldera eco-resort in Panama ( ). Plus, you get to enjoy gourmet meals at Madre Tierra, the internationally-acclaimed restaurant run by Chef Craig Miller from the Pacific Northwest ( )

According to workshop organizer Jetson Counseling in Rapid City, South Dakota, in this upcoming special 4 1/2-day workshop, participants will have a chance to learn to work at an intuitive emotional level. This could help them to gain new insights into the patterns that have shaped codependent behaviors. The workshop is intended to help participants:

• Learn more about family/relationship dynamics
• Explore generational patterns and the need to take care of others
• Explore the origins of codependency, self-worth, guilt, shame, addictions, perfectionism, the negative messages that run in our minds and the steps necessary to change these patterns
• Create balanced self care
• The relationship of guilt, shame, and codependency
• Identify underlying beliefs and feelings around care taking
• Learn to build/create trust
• Recognize and label self-defeating codependent patterns
• Gain insight understanding around codependency
• Recognize how religious behaviors can embrace codependency
• Explore and address trauma issues
• Explore how sexual abuse can create pattens of codependency
• Understand codependency patterns in relationships and addictions
• Recognize self worth, self esteem and codependent patterns
• Practice establishing and maintaining boundaries with codependency

The workshop at Rancho de Caldera runs from Monday, November 8, 2010, starting at 8:30 am thru Friday, November 12 at 10:30. The fee, US$1,995.00, includes the workshop plus meals and accommodations at Rancho de Caldera resort in the green hills of Boquete, near the border to Costa Rica.

Notes a spokesperson for Jetson Counseling: “Spouses are welcome to stay at the resort during the workshop for just US$500.00, meals and lodging included. And people who prefer to come early to relax and enjoy more time at the resort before the workshop begins – or stay longer, after the workshop, to help let some of the effects soak in – may do so at a special rate of US$121.00 per night (including taxes and breakfast). Space limitations require pre-registration with a deposit of US$1,000.00 per person. (Deposits are non-refundable after October 22, 2010.)

To register, contact Jetson Counseling at (605) 718-5500.


Located in Boquete, western Panama, near the Costa Rica border, Rancho de Caldera eco-resort, retreat center, and gourmet restaurant is a small, private eco-project that provides luxury accommodations in a self-sustaining, off-the-grid environment. In recognition of its clean energy operations and green policies, Rancho de Caldera is among the first boutique eco-resorts in Central America to be recognized by the coveted Green Globe hospitality certificate.

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