Riyadh Gallery artisans rival luxurious international brands with their handmade textiles


On an equal footing, along chic and luxurious shops, in the Riyadh Gallery Mall, a group of women artisans display their unique handmade products.
Twenty artisans are engaged in an intense rivalry to produce the best handicrafts and textiles for men, women, and children with their supplements, in addition to many other goods such as porcelain, painted pottery, and Sido works.

This zestful activity is seen in the current 11th Open Bazzar in the Oceania City of Riyadh Gallery Mall in Riyadh, which is organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) in cooperation with the Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Group for Tourism and Development. The Open Bazzar will last for four days and is open to enthusiastic shoppers between 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm daily.

Dr. Abdullah Al Washeel, director general of the National Project for Tourism Human Resources Development, “Takamul,” said, “We seek to qualify national cadres of both genders within the three-years training program through training-courses, incubators, investment, and product marketing in an effort to help the competent participants in these programs to run their own business and investment.”

Dr. Al Washeel further stated that, Takamul works in conjunction with the public and private authorities to create business incubators to support handicrafts and traditional industries with tourism product of high quality. Besides using these tourism incubators to provide proper marketing outlets for handicraft products, the tourism products reflect some of the historic and cultural aspects of our homeland.