Wife of Tanzania hotel owner disappears with cash


(eTN) – Drama ensued in Arusha, Tanzania, last week when the wife of the owner of several hotels reportedly disappeared with wads of cash taken from one of her husband’s businesses. Allegedly, she also beat up some female staff whom she suspected to have had affairs with her life partner.

The venue of the drama was at the Impala Hotel in the center of Arusha, from where allegedly over 100 million Tanzania Shillings (US$67,636) disappeared in local and foreign currency.

While the police was looking for the combative lady, her husband played down the incident, calling it a misunderstanding.

Mr. Mrema owns such well-known properties as the Impala Hotel, the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge enroute between Arusha and the international airport, and also the Naura Springs Hotel, besides being in real estate developments.

Meanwhile, no word has been received if the wife has been nabbed or the money recovered, leaving the husband with injured pride and short of cash.