South African Tourism and Travel Corporation partner to grow Destination South Africa


South African Tourism (SAT) and The Travel Corporation (TTC) today announced the creation of a two-year strategic alliance aimed at the cooperative marketing, promotion, and development of Destination South Africa.
The announcement was made during TTC’s 2010 International Sales Conference in Cape Town, which bought over 350 of the world’s tourism business leaders to South Africa for a one-week business conference and mega-FAM.

Designed to act as a powerful force for sustainable, equitable growth of South Africa’s tourism industry, and overtly leveraging the global awareness of the destination created through the nation’s hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the joint venture is aimed at increasing year-round destination experience awareness and inbound arrivals.

TTC, one of the world’s largest privately-owned travel and tourism companies, is composed of over 25 international travel and tourism companies including tour operators, hotels, and other leisure interests. With over 40 offices and more than 3,500 staff spread across 5 continents, the Travel Corporation group carries more than 1 million passengers every year.

TTC have also recently created Cullinan Business Development – a dedicated business unit focused on working with the South African government – to advance the tourism sector for all people of the nation and The Conservation Foundation, which invests in various domestic and international projects to ensure the sustainability of tourism.

As stated by Gavin Tollman, chairman of Travcorp SA:

“We are going out of our way to support South Africa – an important destination for global tourism and TTC, and also our home nation. We want to ensure that leaders of the travel trade who significantly influence traveler movements are able to experience South Africa for themselves. A number of our global companies, including Lion World Tours, New Horizons, and African Travel. We are fully committed to making this JV truly ‘work’ for the destination, mobilizing TTC’s unparalleled strength of reach, expertise, service, and experience across the globe for the benefit of our homeland.”

Echoing TTC’s thoughts of the significance of this globally-reaching parthersnip, the CEO of SATourism, Thandiwe January-Mcclean, said:

“South African Tourism is delighted to partner with The Travel Corporation (TTC). SAT recognizes the importance of this unique joint venture to ensure that momentum of focus and investment is made into building tourism demand for Destination South Africa beyond 2010, for the benefit of all South Africans.”