Tourism official: Puerto Rico is safer than ever before


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – In an address to the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association (PRHTA) today, Puerto Rico Tourism Company Executive Director Mario Gonzalez Lafuente, told attendees that yesterday’s indictment of 133 individuals identified as protecting drug traffickers will make the island safer for everyone, including tourists.

“The actions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were an important effort to reassure the public that the members of the Puerto Rican police force and other law enforcement officials will uphold the law, as they promised when they took their oath of office,” said Gonzalez. “This will help ensure that all visitors to Puerto Rico, and indeed all Puerto Ricans, will be safer than ever before.”

Yesterday’s FBI action, dubbed “Operation Guard Shack,” resulted in the arrest of 130 individuals, with the ongoing search for three others. The arrests were part of the largest anti-corruption effort in FBI history.

“As Governor Fortuno said yesterday, ‘individuals involved in these kinds of activities aren’t police officers, they’re criminals who have infiltrated the police… No one is above the law,'” continued Gonzalez. “We applaud the FBI for its efforts and I know that the government will continue to cooperate in order to rid the island of corruption.”