Russian tour bus crashes near Pattaya


A bus with Russian tourists overturned near the Thai resort city of Pattaya, the Russian embassy in Bangkok said on Sunday.

“At about 6:00 a.m. Moscow time [2:00 GMT] a bus which set off from Pattaya on a two-day trip to the Kanchanaburi province flipped over some 20 km from Pattaya. We were informed by a tourist company which organized the trip,” the head of the consular department of the Russian embassy in Thailand said.

According to RIA Novosti, no deaths were reported but from six to eight tourists are said to be injured. They have been rushed to city hospitals.

“This is preliminary information. Nothing is known about the cause of the accident,” Andrei Dvornikov said.

“The bus apparently failed to negotiate a turn, drove into a ditch and flipped to its right side. The right part of the windscreen is broken: it seems that passengers broke the glass from inside trying to leave the bus,” the Russian diplomat, who has just arrived at the crash site, said.