Kenya Airways goes daily with B777 to Hong Kong and Lagos


(eTN) – The Kenyan flag carrier, Kenya Airways (KQ), has just announced that they will go daily by the end of September from Nairobi to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, using a B777 aircraft, a substantial boost for passenger and cargo capacity and a sign that demand from across the airline’s African network is sharply up, justifying the daily flights on the largest aircraft KQ has on the fleet.

It was also learned last week that “the Pride of Africa” will, effective early October, begin to use their B777 for the flights from Nairobi to Lagos, tapping into an undoubtedly growing market potential in the Nigerian market. KQ connects Nigerians, and other West African countries, via Nairobi mainly into their destinations in the Middle East but also to the Far East and South East destinations like Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou, as well as through the Nairobi hub to the entire Eastern African destination range.

Improved cargo space on the B777 has also been long awaited on the route to Nigeria, as travelers in particular from and to Dubai are known to ship their “shopping” on the same flight, often exceeding the already generous baggage allowance for this destination and yet happily paying for the freight charges as long as all arrives with them when the fly back home.

On a different note, it is worth pointing out that this move has long been planned according to usually reliable sources from aviation experts close to the airline, but the delayed delivery of the B787s has thrown the proverbial spanners into the airline’s plans to expand capacity on high-density routes or, in fact, roll out new destinations at the pace it would have been possible, all courtesy of Boeing’s delays.

Meanwhile, it was also learned that Ethiopian Airlines will follow KQ’s example and add larger aircraft, once they have taken delivery of their new B777-200LR on flights to such destinations like Lagos and other of their African high density routes.