RADOSA:Your Luxury Sales Manager in Eastern Europe, Russia, ex-URSS and Middle East


PARIS, FRANCE – Radosa is an exclusive, “by invitation only” Club of 500 of the world most prestigious Hotels and Luxury Brands targeting Affluent Consumers from Eastern Europe, Russia, ex-URSS and Middle East. The Club helps its member Hotels to grow revenue, expand share of wallet, and cultivate referrals from and loyalty of best customers with a full spectrum of Sales and Marketing support

Since the lifting of restrictions on visas and the entrance of many Eastern European countries into the European Union, a new class of top-of-the-range tourists has surfaced. From Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS or the Middle East, these billionaires have transformed their regions into genuine pockets of emerging wealth. Whether they move for businesses or pleasure, these new travelers have the reputation of being liberally extravagant, yet demanding. They aspire not just to make simple trips of luxury, but to the very quintessence of luxury itself: private jets and yachts, reservations of exceptional suites or entire floors of the trendiest hotels, sought-after addresses, superb restaurants…

As an expert of luxury, expert of the desires, the culture and the history of people from the East, in 2008 Mr. Radoslav Radosa founded a very top-of-the-range Club dedicated to them. With its headquarters in Paris on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées on the fifth floor of the Louis Vuitton building, Radosa offers its luxury-providing partners a privileged space of meeting with the High Net Worth Individual market of the emerging countries.

Radosa member Hotels and Resorts, have access to afull spectrum of sales and marketing services and depending on the level of membership, RADOSA may acts as a Luxury Regional Sales and Marketing Office for Exceptional Hotels or Hotel Chain.

Whether the challenge is to increase exposure in Eastern Europe or Middle East; maximize sales of Hotel SUITES, Executive Floors and Villas: RADOSA provides a new resource of Affluent Travelers, and it is the only Luxury Travel Environment for Luxaholic consumers in Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS and Middle East.
Joining this an alliance will bring revenue and introduce your unique product to a new market, a market where we already have long-standing relationships with savvy travel professionals who have a true appreciation for lavish holidays in Power Spot destinations, Summer and Winter Celebrity breakaway and Glittering Social events around the world.

Basic Membership, gives access to a password-protected website, which is a comprehensive, one-stop source of reliable luxury travel information, about your Hotel, brought together in more than 18 Eastern European Languages and 2 Middle Eastern:

1. Albanian
2. Azeri
3. Armenian
4. Bulgarian
5. Croatian
6. Czech
7. Estonian
8. Hungarian
9. Latvian
10. Lithuanian
11. Polish
12. Romanian
13. Russian
14. Serbian
15. Slovakian
16. Slovenian
17. Ukrainian
18. Uzbek
19. Arabic
20. Farsi

Many similar services already exist in the world, but they are often in English and developed for customers of the West. Radosa is the only marketing alliance to communicate in eighteen languages of the East and the Middle East. From Albanian to Uzbek, from Arab to Farsi, this flashy linguistic repertoire targets the social elites of emerging countries, whether they are based in their country of origin or spread throughout the globe: Russian communities in London, Geneva, Berlin and New York, Saudi and Kuwaiti communities in London and Beverly Hills.

An annual participation gives the hotel and resort members access to many privileges, in particular that of belonging to the “Luxury Travel Alliance”, the only network of Luxury agency and Conciergeries of these countries. The Annual Membership cost 15.000 EUR and an additional Fee for all Sales & Marketing Services, chosen a’ la carte.

How does one contact RADOSA – this very exclusive Club? Only by personal invitation from Mr. Radosa. These invitations will be sent out very soon… So if you want to be sure of having your place on this famous list, send an e-mail to byinvitationonly@radosa.com, and please remember to include your name and the hotel or the Brand that you represent