Dubai Entry Visa Process Now Simplified


Dubai Travelers typically have to navigate a very intricate process to get an entry visa; however, is launching a new service for travelers who book with them. They make assistance available to their clients in order to assist them in getting through the details of the process.

A Unique internet site that allows website visitors an opportunity to get assistance on their entry visas for their stay in Dubai. It is distinctive for the reason that it offers this assistance as complimentary just for booking a holiday rental. What this means is that users can rest easy about navigating the process of attaining a foreign entry visa into the UAE. You will find other notable features including such as having direct access to an agent that knows the issues surrounding the process, as well as any changes that might not be clear on the website.

Owner Hassan Morcel Explains that he developed this site because he wanted to help his clients who wanted to stay in Dubai for longer than the normal term, but almost ruined their stay because of the complications they experienced getting their entry visas. “It is not enough for visitors to get a great deal on a rental, if they are discouraged by getting to Dubai in the first place”.

Morcel explains, “Dubai is fast becoming a significant tourist destination as well as an international business hub and that means more tourism (even with struggling economy) for the city. In 2003, all Dubai Hotels and Dubai Apartments welcomed about six million people. But by 2010, it is expected that number will rise to 15 million. It is projected to rise again to 40 million in 2015.

“That means that there will be a massive increase of people who want and need to do business in Dubai and as a result want a longer stay; and they will need to get their visa–which could increase wait times and frustration over the process. So, although we don’t administer the service; we contract with an agent that will work with our clients for a fee. We do this for all who book their Dubai Apartments with us”.

For more info and all the details, you can contact them at 971 4 3289-899, or visit their website at