Fairmont employes Kenyans in Middle East operations


(eTN) – Some 50 young Kenyans with the aspiration to make hospitality their life’s profession, have recently been flown to Saudi Arabia to join the Fairmont Hotels in their landmark Mecca hotel. A press release in Kenya spoke of several hundred more young Kenyans being offered the opportunity to work in the Holy City where they will receive further training on the job to work as waiters, cooks, room stewards, receptionists, security guards, and in a range of other positions.

Fairmont some years ago bought out Lonrho Hotels’ properties in Kenya, best known for the Norfolk Hotel and the Mount Kenya Safari Club, and the Kenyan operation reportedly had a hand in this recruitment exercise for their sister hotel property in Saudi Arabia.

Kenya’s Utalii College, renowned in all of Africa and further abroad as the African continent’s leading hotel and tourism training college, has provided skills and a foundation to thousands of young Kenyans, Ugandans, Tanzanians, and students from across Africa to find work in the hotel, resort, travel, aviation, and general tourism sector since its inception in the early 1970s. Graduates of Utalii are much sought after, not just in Kenya and East Africa but also in the Gulf, where the hotel sector has undergone a massive boom in recent years.