Skål International secretariat awarded Green Globe Certification


After an intensive onsite audit, the Skål International secretariat has successfully met the Green Globe standard requirements and been awarded the Green Globe Certification – the premier worldwide certification program for sustainable management and operations.

The Green Globe audit was carried out on September 16-17 by Yohann Robert, accredited Green Globe auditor of François-Tourisme-Consultants based in France and Skål member from Paris. In order to qualify, the Torremolinos office had to score a conformity rate over the 51 percent limit. The green and sustainable attitude of the Skål International General Secretariat has lead to several actions as follows:

• Specific waste sorting actions (recycling/reusing) implemented.

• Environmentally-friendly supplies purchased (recycled paper, biodegradable and eco-labeled cleaning products, etc.).

• Water and energy consumption reduction goals (dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucet aerators, energy-efficient lighting, etc.).

• Sustainability educational programs supported and encouraged (Skål Ecotourism Awards, 101 Skål Tips, UNEP, UNWTO ST-EP program, Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Exploitation in Tourism, Code of Ethics in Tourism, etc.).