World Heritage site Kasubi Tombs to be ready by 2012


UGANDA (eTN) – News was received earlier in the week that Kampala’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kasubi Tombs, which burned to the ground several months ago, will most likely be ready for a grand re-opening by some time in 2012, exceeding previous estimates for the reconstruction period.

The tombs, recognised by UNESCO, were the burial site for several of Buganda’s late kings and contained priceless artifacts and memorabilia from the olden days of the kingdom, much of which was destroyed by the raging fire at the time. Built initially around 1882, it was then turned into a burial ground around 1884 by then King Muteesa II.

A provisional completion date has been given by government as mid-March 2012, by which time the site would be not only reconstructed but also equipped with state-of-the-art fire detection and fighting equipment, a secure perimeter wall, and additional visitor amenities, allowing greater numbers of tourists to come to the site and appreciate the great cultures and history of Uganda’s yesteryears.

It was also learned that while the kingdom’s subjects have collected in excess of 500 million Uganda Shillings, UNESCO has pledged US$1 million, or the equivalent to 2.25 billion Uganda Shillings, towards the reconstruction effort, with the Uganda government also having pledged a similar sum.