President Obama calls for air safety upgrades


LOS ANGELES, California – The Obama Administration is proposing a “robust investment” in the development of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NextGen ATC system – a satellite-based air traffic control system – which Congress has not yet determined how to fund. The President also proposed to rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of runways at US airports.

“A more accurate satellite-based ATC system will increase the margin safety for air travelers, reduce flight delays, increase fuel efficiency for airlines – all of which are a direct benefit to business travelers,” said Frank Dolce, director of legislative affairs.

Dolce said federal funding for runways can benefit Los Angeles travelers by hastening safety improvements to the north airfield at LAX. Specifically, separating the runways on the north side will permit construction of a center taxiway – something the FAA has urged for more than decade. A similar project on the south airfield significantly reduced runway incursions, Dolce noted.

The Los Angeles Business Travel Association today urged Congress to support President Obama’s call for funding to support these initiatives.