Interview reveals living travel dreams – Canada woman told 680News I’d like to go Scuba Diving in the Seychelles


TORONTO, Ontario – Results of a new poll conducted by TD Visa show almost 75 percent of Canadians have a travel bucket list of dream vacation destinations, but financial circumstances are preventing many from living their dream.

As for places that Canadians would like to visit if prices were no object, the United States sits in first place, closely followed by France and Italy.

680News caught up with pedestrians at Yonge and Bloor and found that several other destination spots were popular. One man mentioned cities such as Madrid and Haifa (Israel), while others spoke of traveling across Europe, as well as to the Orient.

And one woman told 680News, “I’d like to go scuba diving in the Seychelles.”

The survey found that 83 percent of Canadians would go to all the aforementioned places if they could afford it, and those at Yonge and Bloor agreed that money was holding them back.

However, TD Visa recommends those with the travel bug take advantage of travel reward programs and have some flexibility in planning in order to get to their destination as soon as possible.

And for some like Steven, education was his excuse to get there.

He told 680News that most of his bucket list “has been filled actually already, after university and studying abroad.”