International Fireworks Competition in Hannover


In yesterday’s final of the 20th International Fireworks Competition, the Chinese team, ‘Vulcan Pyrotechnics’, put on an outstanding show to secure second place behind the Swedish team, ahead of its rivals from Germany, Australia and Italy.

Hans Christian Nolte, director of Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH which organized the event, was delighted at its great success: “With more than 50,000 spectators the fireworks competition in 2010 is the most successful competition of the past years. The inquiry for tickets was nationwide phenomenal. Because of the big media presence we are proud to present already the choice of five top teams for the fireworks competition in 2011.”

‘Vulcan Pyrotechnics’ is a highly motivated Chinese fireworks team, presenting fireworks artistry at the very highest level with its original and innovative performances. The company’s founder, Ewan Cheung, began his career as a pyrotechnist back in 1962 and is regarded as one of the pioneers in the emergence of the modern-day fireworks industry in China. He has helped ensure that Chinese fireworks are, today, an integral part of almost every fireworks display worldwide. In 1974 he founded ‘Vulcan Pyrotechnics’ together with Joe Wan, the second mastermind behind the company from Hong Kong. Today the firm already has twelve production facilities of its own, and partner factories – now numbering more than 40 – meet the international demand for Chinese pyrotechnics of highest quality.

The rules are clearly laid down: the display must be 25 minutes long and include an obligatory programme before the firework artists can give free rein to their creativity in the free section. They are required to take the nature of the surroundings – the Baroque Garden – into account, and the number of ground elements that are to be used is also fixed; but otherwise, few limits are set to their creativity, their choice of music or their use of visual expression. The jury award points for overall impression, technical execution and accuracy, as well as the diversity of the effects and the interpretation of the music.

In 2011, this year’s winner will open the 21th International Fireworks Competition: The event will start on 14 May 2011.

The other dates are:

25 June 2011 France – Intermede

27 August 2011 Spain – Pirotecnia Europla

10 September 2011 Austria – Pyrovision

24 September 2011 Mexico – Pirotecnia Reyes

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