Royal Caribbean wants consumers to shed Worker Self and embrace Vacation Self


MIAMI – Each year, the “Worker Self” inside each American spends hundreds of hours racing to meet deadlines; monotonously filling out time sheets; and dreaming about going on vacation. Meanwhile, the “Vacation Self” is mercilessly begging to be released in search of an ice cold drink, the feeling of skin kissed by the sun and blissful relaxation washing worries away. The irony is, despite dreaming endlessly about vacations, these Americans let their vacation days expire unused, an absurd reality.

Bringing this internal conflict to life between the Vacation Self and Worker Self is the Royal Caribbean “Cruise them or Lose them” online game, which challenges consumers to collect as many vacation days as possible by playing the game for a chance to win a much-needed cruise vacation for two for a three, four, five, or seven-night cruise.

In addition to the sweepstakes, Royal Caribbean is giving vacation-deprived consumers more encouragement to leave their desks behind in favor of some rest and relaxation. The cruise line just released Worker You vs. Vacation You (, a light-hearted online video following Vacation Daze, which launched earlier in August, to further illustrate every employee’s need to take their vacation days.

“Labor Day is behind us and, with four months left in the year, reminds us that time is running out for everyone to use their vacation days before they may lose them,” said Betsy O’Rourke, senior vice president, Marketing, Royal Caribbean International. “Royal Caribbean recognizes how precious vacations are and invites those who work late, labor on weekends and holidays, and are forever burdened with responsibility, to take a rejuvenating cruise and embrace their inner vacation-self. Take your vacation days and cruise them, don’t lose them.”

To play the “Cruise them or Lose them” online game, please visit To view the videos, visit To find cruise options available to fit every schedule, contact your travel agent or visit The online game ends October 4, 2010, and is only open to participants in U.S. and Canada.