Brussels Airlines expands reach by codeshares


UGANDA (eTN) – Passengers booking their flights on Brussels Airlines (SN) recently received good news from their Kampala sales team, when they were told of the new codeshared flights between Brussels and Montreal – via their partner, Air Canada out of Brussels, and of course with United/Continental to Washington. The added reach is starting to pay off for SN, out of all their Eastern African destinations, and the market seems keener to try this option compared to the previous arrangements SN had with American Airlines, which never really made much of an impact – no wonder considering AA’s inclination to do business with BA, but ultimately to their detriment as Star Alliance members have started to capture the lion’s share of global traffic to Africa via their respective hubs in Europe and also through their African alliance members via Cairo and Johannesburg.

Lufthansa’s (LH) codeshares to Entebbe are also reportedly bearing fruits as transit passengers from LH’s German and international destinations have indeed taken up the offer to fly via Brussels to Eastern Africa, where Lufthansa continues to be absent with their own flights, except for Addis Ababa, leaving Entebbe, Nairobi, Kigali, Bujumbura, and Dar es Salaam to their family members SN and SR.

SN flies presently 4 times between Entebbe and Brussels and 6 times into the region, where all flights route to two destinations in a triangular operation, and more flights, though much hoped for, can, according to usually reliable sources, only come on line when the airline acquires another A330 aircraft, said to be in the final stages of a board decision.