THETRADESHOW announces new educational seminars

THE TRADESHOW (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) will take place this year in Las Vegas, September 13-15, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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THE TRADESHOW (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) will take place this year in Las Vegas, September 13-15, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. THE TRADESHOW has again lined up outstanding educational seminars for attendees. In just three education packed days, this travel trade show will provide a wide selection of educational sessions to help agents enhance their areas of expertise and capture more sales opportunities.

“Staying current and up to speed on their industry is something every professional should focus on; travel professionals are no different,” said Scott Ahlsmith, CTC, chairman of the board for The Travel Institute. “Everyone knows how quickly the travel industry evolves and how quickly travel trends emerge. These seminars are the best way travel agents can focus on continuing their education in order to maintain their title of travel authority and stay on top of industry development in a way that will benefit their business.”

Topics for training include:


Customer Relationship Management
This session covers the best practices of customer relationship management using web-based software to manage contact information and activities.

Blogging for Business
Attendees will learn from a professional blogger what a blog is, how to create one for their company, the kind of articles to write, how to build and maintain an audience, and even how to earn some extra income using a blog.

Email Success
This program shows agents how to send effective emails that get clients and colleagues to read their messages and reply to requests

Google Docs Deliver
Learn to maximize use of Google’s online document, spreadsheet, and presentation features.

Mastering Social Networks
Learn the language of social networking from the latest Twitter tactics to the next great tool.

Twitter and Your Travel Business
Participants will learn what Twitter is and how it can help find new customers and sell more travel. Agents will learn about hashtags, search options, desktop clients, mobile clients, and how to tie their account to other social media networks, like Facebook, Plaxo, and LinkedIn.


Thrive as a Home-based Agent
Learn fun and innovative marketing skills, pros and cons of taking a business home for brick-and-mortar agencies, 30-second marketing, how to build a sales force of 30 for under US$500 per year, what’s new regarding supplier acceptance of ID codes, effective CRM tools for home-based agents, business management skills, and much more.

Marvelous Marketing
Through an interactive process, participants will discover the vision for their business, their brand and position in the marketplace, their goals and the strategies and tactics to reach them.

The Top Ten Decisions and Actions that Home-based and Independent Agents Need for Success

The Ultimate Sales Seminar
Attendees will learn specific tools to help them sell more, and a process and sales style that can be personalized to each individual.


Fundamentals of Business Travel Management
In NBTA’s course, attendees learn how components of managed travel intersect with required competencies and skill sets needed in business travel management. Participants will learn to maximize cost containment, improve efficiency, and create a managed travel culture in a company.

How To Grow Your Business by Effectively Selling Yourself
In this highly entertaining marketing session, attendees will learn a proven method to grow their business by implementing five easy-to-follow steps.

Sales and Marketing Planning for Young Professionals
In this fast-paced session, participants will learn the planning process designed to clarify the young professional’s future career strategy.

Shoppers + Fees = Profitability
As a professional travel advisor, participants will learn how to be comfortable charging fees, especially to shoppers. Attendees will learn to present their skills as an advisor and consultant in the first 10 seconds of a phone call.


Better Listening Skills for Better Business
In this essential seminar, attendees will find out what behaviors to avoid in order to protect their ability to concentrate and learn dozens of proven, practical strategies to reinforce their ability to recall, pay attention, and really listen.

Creating a Cruise Marketing Plan
This seminar will identify the essential components in a successful yet simple marketing plan and how to apply them.

Local Public Relations Techniques: How to Maximize Your Agency’s Visibility
In this CLIA seminar, agents will learn how to become a “star” in the cruise-selling business by increasing their visibility.

Psychology of Selling
Participants will learn how to uncover hidden client needs, apply quality service, reinforce client loyalty, and customize their sales techniques to different types of cruisers.

Who Are You? An Exploration of Your Abilities, Skills, and Strengths
In this unique seminar, attendees will learn a series of exercises that will assess their professional skills and provide insights on how to excel.

To learn more about the educational seminars offered at THE TRADE SHOW or to register to attend, please visit

THE TRADESHOW is created and supported by the travel industry’s leading organizations, including: ASTA, ACTA, CLIA, ETOA, IGLTA, NACTA, NBTA, NTA, The Travel Institute, US Travel Association, and USTOA. Official media partners are: [email protected], eTurboNews, JaxFax, Modern Agent, Recommend, Travel Trade, Travel Weekly, TravelAge West, USA Today, and Vacation Agent.

THE TRADESHOW (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) is a 3-day, in-depth networking and educational event. Global and inclusive, THE TRADESHOW unites under one roof, travel suppliers and buyers from all over the world, representing every segment of the travel and tourism industry. It is the trade show event for travel decision-makers. For more information on THE TRADE SHOW , please call 1.866.870.9333, visit, or email [email protected]

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, THETRADESHOW announces new educational seminars, Buzz travel | eTurboNews |Travel News