Fundira: Air Zim strike could mean death of local tourism industry


The president of the Zimbabwe Council of Tourism, Mr Emmanuel Fundira, said that Air Zimbabwe strike would have a very negative effect on the tourism industry.

In an interview with Zimbabwe Chronicle Mr. Fundira said that the strike came at a time the tourism sector was starting to experience an increase in the number of tourists coming into the country, and that if the strike continued it would spell doom to the future of the tourism industry.

“We have started receiving negative feedback. The strike by Air Zimbabwe pilots is adversely affecting operations of the tourism sector.

“If the strike continues then the future of the tourism sector would be doomed,” said Mr Fundira in an interview.

Air Zim strike started last Wednesday effectively shutting down carrier’s international and regional flights and leaving tourists stranded at the country’s airports.

“The impact of the strike has been excessive, it is terrible and I am glad that the media has noticed it. If the strike continues then it will mean the death of the local tourism industry,” said Mr Fundira.

He said the strike came at a time when Air Zimbabwe was starting to build its international image that had over the years suffered due to failure by the national airline to stick to its timetable.