Councilor Edwards to generate support for Seychelles Carnival in UK


The Seychelles Tourism Board, through its chief executive officer Alain St.Ange, used a meeting with Frida Edwards, the Seychellois-born British Councilor for Havant who was holidaying in Seychelles recently, to discuss support for the Seychelles International Carnival to be held in March 2011.

Councilor Edwards will help to generate the interest for UK to be well represented in this unique event, considering that she is also a member of the Tourist Forum Association from Hampshire and Federation of Small Business Association.

Councilor Edwards was born in Seychelles as Frida Malbrook and still has family members here. She was elected as a Conservative party candidate as Councilor for Havant in Hampshire and has taken up the appeal to discuss with her local MP and other government Officials on a UK participation in the carnival.

Mr. St.Ange, and ambassador for eTurboNews, said following the meeting with Councilor Edwards that Seychelles had a long historical attachment with the UK.

“We were a British colony right up to 1976 and have so much that remind[s] us of the British Colonial Era. It is, therefore, not only important but expected that the UK plays an important part in this Seychelles Carnival,” he said.
Councilor Edwards is also looking at being present at the official opening day of the World Travel Market 2010 in London in November where Seychelles will once again be present.

Taking the opportunity to once again congratulate Councilor Edwards on her position, Mr. St.Ange said that Seychelles was proud to have one of its daughters elected to serve the British public.