Nairobi tourism e-conference launches electronic payment system


(eTN) – During the tourism e-commerce conference in Nairobi last week, East Africa’s biggest bank, the Kenya Commercial Bank, also launched their electronic payment platform, which will now allow hospitality companies to promote safeguarded online payments for their customers booking rooms and services online via their websites or major booking engines.

The global aviation and hospitality industry is already the largest single user of e-commerce transactions, and the introduction of such services in Kenya, expected to be expanded by KCB into their regional branch network, will undoubtedly support a greater penetration of “e” into the way of how business is transacted from now on.

In the past, online payments were possible only for the pioneers in East Africa using such services but via rather more expensive and difficult to regulate off-shore payment platforms, not via a domestic transaction platform using a local/regional bank. It is this latest change which will undoubtedly help to promote the method to a larger audience in Eastern Africa, starting with Kenya, in order to capture the growing number of travelers making independent bookings online and wanting to pay their deposits to secure the bookings there and then.

The new e-payment platform will also comply with all local banking regulations, giving participating companies an added element of confidence as they could use local jurisdiction or arbitration in case of any emerging disputes instead of seeking redress far abroad at great expense.