Second Dubai World property in Rwanda ready by year end


(eTN) – The Gorillas Nest Lodge near Ruhengeri/Western Rwanda, and not far from the entrance point to the Volcano National Park, is seeing the last work phase of the refurbishment and rebuilding being undertaken now and is, according to a source at the Rwanda Development Board–Tourism and Conservation, going to be ready before the end of the year.

Dubai World had taken over the lodge about two-and-a-half years ago, when the company was still on course to roll out a multi-hundred-million US dollars investment plan including a major new city luxury hotel, but when the global economic and financial crisis struck, these projects were scaled back to the point of only completing, at least for the time being, those properties already acquired or started, like the Nyungwe Forest Lodge. Other planned projects in Rwanda but also other planned projects on the African continent, including a major one on the Comoros Islands, were also scrapped as Dubai World fought for financial survival, now seemingly assured according to reports from the UAE.

However, the announcement by the company that the work on the Gorillas Nest lodge is advancing is reassuring as quality accommodation in the Ruhengeri area still needs boosting to cater to the growing number of tourist visitors coming to not only see the gorillas but also take hikes and walks to spot birds, see orchids and butterflies, and see game beyond just the gorillas.