Interested in medical tourism? Head to Poland


(eTN) – The Health Care infrastructure including Medical Personnel, Public & Private Hospital, Health Resorts in Poland has upped it ante, according to Bharatbook new report on “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013.”

Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013
The low-cost treatment facilities coupled with well established tourism and health infrastructure has led to favorable growth of medical tourism market in Poland. In recent years large number of patients from UK, Germany and other destinations have visited Poland for dental and other medical treatments. ( .. )

According to our analysis medical tourism market in Poland will witness phenomenal growth in near future mainly due to huge cost savings and long waiting time for treatment in western countries. The increasing level of investment in private healthcare facilities and focus on promotional activities by associations and government will further strengthen the position of Poland as favored destination for medical tourism. It is further anticipated that Poland will give stiff competition to already established destinations for medical tourism like India, Singapore and Thailand.

“Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” discusses the following issues related to medical tourism in Poland:

• Medical Tourism Industry Revenue
• Per capita Expenditure by Medical Tourists
• Medical Tourist Arrival
• Treatment Cost Comparison between Poland & nine countries like U.S, India, Costa Rica, Singapore etc.
• Key Medical Tourism Destinations in Poland
• Health care infrastructure including Medical Personnel, Public & Private Hospital, Health Resorts

“Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” gives detailed and unprejudiced overview on the medical tourism market in Poland. Reports has critically evaluated all the aspects related to medical tourism market and helps reader to get complete overview on latest trends and medical tourism market potential in Poland. This study is helpful for medical tourism travel service operators, investors, healthcare facilities provider and other associated partners of medical tourism industry.