Cultural sites hold tourism potential for Uganda


UGANDA (eTN) – The West Nile region of Uganda, often overlooked by travelers and certainly not on the map for mainstream tourism yet, has been cited by staff of development and peace partners to identify and rehabilitate the known existing monuments and cultural sites in the area, before marketing them to the tourism industry and generating job opportunities for local residents as custodians, caretakers, and guides.

A source in the Ministry of Tourism’s department for museums, monuments, and antiquities was in the same connection also quoted as having said that the West Nile alone had over 40 such identified sites already, including Fort Dufile of the legendary Emin Pasha, erected by him when he was on his expedition to this part of Uganda as he traveled up the river Nile.

Cultural and heritage tourism is as yet not much exploited in Uganda but could become a mainstream activity for visitors keen to learn more about the kingdoms, chiefdoms, and their ancient customs and ways of life, still often practiced like it was decades and centuries ago in the remote rural areas of the country.