Journalists of the Mediterranean: Competition begins during serious international crises


The 10th edition of the Festival Giornalisti del Mediterraneo – Journalists of the Mediterranean – organized by the “Terra del Mediterraneo” Association in partnership with the Municipality of Otranto, is now consolidated in the Mediterranean.

The event is promoted and organized by the “Terra del Mediterraneo” Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Otranto. The appointment involves the Puglia Region; Legacoop Puglia; the University of Bari Aldo Moro; and his Masters in Journalism and the Consular Corps of Puglia, Basilicata, and Molise.

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With the Festival, also comes the 10th edition of the homonymous competition which, this year, will count three thematic sections: international terrorism, from Syria to Europe; Mediterranean and denied rights; peace and immigration.

Candidates will be able to present their works by May 30, 2018. It is possible to download the rules from the website or to request information by calling the number 346.8262198.

The “Journalists of the Mediterranean” competition is aimed at professional and freelance journalists, as well as young talents of journalism schools and students of degree courses in communication sciences and aims to involve Italian and foreign journalists, printers, and of television, the web, and radio world.

“The achievement of the 10th birthday of the competition, together with the festival,” explains Tommaso Forte, journalist and author of the festival, “is a great achievement. In fact, through these 2 moments, what we have been doing in all these years and that we continue to do, is to open a debate to understand, in the light of the conflicts in the Mediterranean that indirectly affect our country, what challenges await us for the future.

“This is thanks to the work of the reporters that live those conflicts in the first person, in the theaters of war. As for the issue of immigration, another key theme of the festival is that there are many prejudices, and sometimes the media have a decisive role in feeding them.”

“The ten years of the Festival of Mediterranean Journalists,” adds Lino Patruno, President of the jury, “mark a prestigious goal of the event and comes at a time of serious international crisis. The war in Syria, the tension in the Mediterranean, the violation of human rights, the threat of international terrorism, the tragedy of immigration are too close to us not to involve us as journalists.”

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