Swedish airline to host first-ever in-flight gay wedding


When officials at Scandinavian airlines say that love is in the air, they’re being literal.

The Swedish carrier has announced plans to host the first-ever in-flight gay wedding on Dec. 6, and is busy searching for the perfect same-sex couple to walk down the airborne aisle. “It will be a very traditional wedding,” SAS spokesman Anders Lindstroem told the AFP. “There will be wedding cake and dancing in the aisles.”

The ceremony will be performed in business class and in Swedish air space, where gay marriage is legal. Caterers will cast aside the bags of honey-glazed peanuts and tiny cans of cola in favor of bubbly and a sumptuous wedding buffet. The winning couple will also receive three nights’ luxury accommodation in New York and “a glamorous West Hollywood honeymoon experience.” To avoid offending passengers in coach who might disapprove of the gay nuptial, the wedding cabin will be closed off.

Interested couples need to log on to www.flysas.com/love and make the case that their love merits first-class treatment. To stand a chance, potential newlyweds should create a profile, upload photos and video footage, introduce themselves, and explain what they love most about their partner. The couple with the most votes wins, so SAS is encouraging all entrants to share their application on Facebook and Twitter.

So far couples have taken dramatically different approaches. Laura and Emmalie from England admitted that they were motivated to enter by the thought of having “awesome wedding photos.” And Rue and Glen from Norway opted to post shirtless pics—but no personal story. You need to try harder, boys: great pecs alone do not a great relationship make!