India Tourism Secretary: Need to fill tourism gaps


Rashmi Verma, Tourism Secretary for the Government of India, today (April12) said that there was no institutional mechanism between the various stakeholders to discuss and debate the issues concerned with connectivity to boost tourism in the country. She said there is no way to fill the gaps so that proper decisions can be taken.

At present, what is happening is that at the individual level, officials may discuss and consult, but this was not a substitute for an institutional mechanism.

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The Tourism Secretary gave the keynote address at the seminar on “Incredible India: Connectivity -Driving Tourism for Inclusive Growth in New Delhi,” organized by the Foundation for Aviation and Suatainable Tourism (FAST).

She stated that there is a need to decongest Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) areas, and also flights to tourism-rich areas like Khajuraho should not be curtailed. She added that the large waterways were being utilized more now, and the three-fold thrust was on the domestic market, non-resident Indians, and foreign tourists.

Verma had earlier served as Additional Director General of Tourism and is well versed with the ground situation. Market specific and thematic campaigns are now being organized under “Incredible India 2.0,” she revealed, adding that iconic sites were being developed as well. She also shared that the website of the ministry is being revamped to make it more interactive.

Other speakers stressed on the importance of road and rail sectors also.