Hidden treasures to boost Seaway Trail tourism


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – Promoters of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail have found a new way to boost tourism — by hiding 75 treasure boxes along the National Scenic Byway.

The treasures are geocaches, and they’re hidden in various scenic and iconic sites throughout the Seaway Trail’s five regions.

Geocaching is described as a high-tech scavenger hunt, and has had a huge growth in popularity over the last ten years. Geocaches are containers that contain trinkets and a logbook. The coordinates for each geocache can be found on websites geared toward devotees who use their GPS to track down the caches.

The Seaway Trail created its GeoTrail to attract these enthusiasts as one way to stimulate economic growth in communities on the 518-mile byway that stretches from Pennsylvania across New York.