Nyungwe Forest Lodge does well after first 6 months


(eTN) – Having opened to the public in March of this year, the Nyungwe Forest Lodge has steadily picked up occupancies over the past five months and received some very positive reviews from visitors, going by the comments section on their website.

Located in the Nyungwe National Park the lodge has been described as a hidden gem, while the park itself is an absolute gem, too, considering that 13 species of primates, including chimpanzees, are found within the forest. If that is not enough to attract visitors to the forest national park, there are plenty of other game found there, plus over 275 species of birds reside in the forest and some 24 of them endemic to Nyungwe. More than 240 tree species and more than 140 orchid species wait to be seen and recorded by tourists during their hikes into the forest. But one of the most amazing features are the very large groups of Black and White Colobus Monkeys, which at times number several hundred at a go, in total contrast with other locations in Eastern Africa where tourist are often lucky to see several at a go.

The lodge, owing to the elevation, operates a heated swimming pool, attractive to take an early morning swim regardless of the crisp early day temperatures at this altitude, and the capacity is 22 guest rooms plus two suites with two bedrooms and a sitting room each. Every one of them features individual fire places. All facilities like bars, restaurants, conference rooms, and public areas are accessible for guests using wheelchairs.

The picture above shows the unique setting of the lodge where right next to the pool the forest starts, allowing for easy bird watching after taking a dip.

The Nyungwe Forest Lodge belongs to the Mantis Group and is a member of Boutique Hotels worldwide, with Rwanda after South Africa and Zambia the third African country featuring in the Mantis Collection, otherwise found at key upmarket tourism and adventure destinations across the globe.

For more information on the lodge, visit www.nyungweforestlodge.com or go to www.mantiscollection.com for information on the Mantis Collection.