British Airways plane is about to crash


We’re about to crash! “This is an emergency. We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water.”

This is the computer-triggered message aka crash warning, that frightened passengers aboard a British Airways (BA) flight bound from London to Hong Kong, heard on Friday. It turned out to be human error, but sent mortified passengers into an imminent fear of doom as the message was broadcast. It underscores the growing concern with flight safety.

British Airways (BA) made an apology to its passengers subsequent to a crisis communication of BA inadvertently warning that the passengers in a BA plane were about to smash into the sea. In keeping with The Sun, this frightening incident occurred in BA Boeing 747, heading for Hong Kong from London’s Heathrow. This airliner had 275 occupants. They listened to the horrifying warning, which, basically, mentioned that there was an emergency and that the plane may soon need to execute an emergency landing on water.

The horrified passengers geared themselves up for the pits as they flew over the North Sea. Nevertheless, soon after the discharge of the warning, the cabin squad ran down the gangways of the airplane to comfort the passengers that the message had been broadcast erroneously. This data was revealed by The Sun. The representative of BA has mentioned that an inquiry was in progress to find out whether it was human error or a computer hiccup. The representative has declared that BA genuinely expresses penitence for unnecessarily engendering stress in the passengers.

One passenger in this plane happened to be the 32-year-old Michelle Lord. She uttered to The Sun that the persons in the plane were scared stiff. They deemed that death for all was imminent. Another voyager has articulated that there can be nothing nastier and deadlier than being mentioned that one’s plane is on the verge of a crash.

BA has asserted that this unfortunate incident occurred within the last seven days. It explicated that the warning was a mechanical one that had been activated by a computer.

How did the BA crash warning error occur?

The crisis occurred on a BA flight that was en-route to Hong Kong from London’s Heathrow airport. According to ThaiIndian, this chilling accident aboard a Boeing 747 airline, carrying 275 passengers, happened without warning, on an otherwise, smooth flight.

Immediately, the passengers went into an all-out frenzy, as they braced for an imminent crash. Many passengers described it as chaotic, and were “scared stiff”.

Another un-named passenger stated that she could not, for the life of her, imagine, “anything worse.”

The chaos aboard the British Airways flight continued until flight staff members hurried along the gangway of the plane, telling them it was human error, and that all is fine. Bitter-sweet to some, one can assume.

The FAA and BA have opened up an inquiry to determine what actually went wrong aboard that flight. What is of interest to them is if flight protocol was broken, which lends itself to human error. Additionally, they will be trying to also rule out if it was automatically triggered by some computer fault.

Nevertheless, many passengers are still coming down off what should have been the most terrifying moment of their lives.

A British Airways spokesperson apologized for the incident, citing “human error”. He had this to say:

“Our cabin crew immediately made an announcement following the message advising customers that it was played in error and that the flight would continue as normal.”

What does this say about human error and flight safety? Is there any cause for alarm, or is this just an isolated incident?

Does it change your thoughts about the safety of air travel?