Be an Archeologist for a Week or Adopt a Site and ‘Dig it’ each Year!


It’s now possible to travel and work with Israel’s most fascinating Archeologist, Dr. Jessie Pincus.

Join us for a conversation where we discover why archeology just got that much more exciting.

Experience a slice of life that would be impossible to discover without the vision of Dr. Pincus. Her infectious passion for her work and her love of sharing her excitement is a perfect combination to create a new tour opportunity that supports families and groups who wish to help excavate and discover the old world buried in the sand.

Dr. Pincus is taking it one step further and now offers visitors an opportunity to adopt sites for annual explorations. Can you imagine, instead of the going to the ‘timeshare’ every year, you go to ‘your dig’ at one of the Byzantine Church sites in the Negev desert! Now that’s living!

Dr. Pincus also discusses how this how the modern day archeologists find and discover our hidden world below the sand. Fascinating!

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