Destination news: Officials warn tourists after shark attack


A tourist took photographs of a shark attacking a seal close to the beach on the Cape Cod National Seashore, the park’s chief ranger said today.

Bob Grant said the attack happened late Friday afternoon off a remote stretch of beach just north of the halfway point between two lifeguarded beaches, Race Point and Head of the Meadow. The two beaches are about four miles apart.

He said the woman, Terese M. Carena, a tourist from Arizona, was sitting with her husband and other family members looking at the water when they noticed a seal suddenly pulled under. Then, realizing what was going on, she began snapping pictures.

“It was definitely an attack,” Grant said.

A state expert confirmed that the sighting was of a great white shark.

A number of shark sightings have been reported this summer off the Cape. The Chatham area appears to be a particular hotspot. A five-mile stretch of beach there was closed in late July.

Grant said warning signs had been posted near where the shark had attacked the seal and officials were warning people to use caution in the area.