Road from Juba and Nimule to Uganda on course


UGANDA (eTN) – Information was received last week from Juba, confirming steady progress along the route of the newly-constructed road between Juba and Nimule, near the border with Uganda. Officials from USAID, the main funding agency for the project under a bilateral grant, GoSS, and state officials were joined by stakeholders from the transport sector to inspect the progress of construction of the 200-kilometer road work.

Once completed, the new road will not just ease transport between Uganda and the Southern Sudanese capital of Juba, but also link the areas in between to markets for agricultural products and livestock while making the delivery of supplies to these areas easier and more affordable.

Southern Sudan presently imports over 90 percent of their daily requirements from Uganda, and the link between Gulu and the border is also being worked on to create a lifeline for trade and travel between the neighbors.

Kampala is linked to Gulu by a recently-upgraded, all-tarmac highway and traveling times between Kampala and Juba, when the new road is open for traffic, will reduce to a daylight trip, making visits easier and supporting in particular, visits to the Nimule National Park where, besides game and the appealing vista, a long stretch of white water is of particular scenic beauty for tourists.