Female travel entrepreneur breaks into male dominated arena


Sandra Veness, the proprietor of Middle East Tours (Australia) has been elected to the position of vice chair of the NSW Chapter of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. It’s a great honor for her, especially being a woman in a mainly male-dominated arena.

Sandra’s company has been specializing in group and independent travel to the exotic Middle East, Northern Africa, the Gulf Countries, Iran, Yemen, and Oman for nearly 20 years and more recently Saudi Arabia, Khartoum-Sudan, Timbuktu-Mali, and Iraqi Kurdistan. Sandra is passionate about this part of the world and personally escorts many of her small group tours to these wonderful destinations.

She has recently returned from Iraqi Kurdistan with the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and industry’s trade delegation. She is very impressed with the hospitality of the Kurdish people and says the region has much to offer the tourist industry.