Not to ratify Military Base on its Assumption Island, Seychelles

Seychellois continue to rally to oppose the proposed Military Base on its Assumption Island. Never before has one cause rallied so many from across political party lines to stand together to defend the sovereignty of our Nation and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra.

Last week, the islands did breathe a sign of relief when the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly announced that they would not ratify the proposed Agreement for a military base as it currently stands. By the Opposition not ratifying, it is hoped that they will VOTE NO when the Agreement is tabled in April, and not merely abstain from voting. This is the only way to stop the proposed deal from moving forward.

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Seychelles must protect at all costs its Non-Aligned principle and remain friend to all and enemy to none.

For those who have not yet signed the online petition, which will be forwarded to President Danny Faure of the Seychelles and to UNESCO World Heritage Center Director Mechtild Rössler, please read the letter below and sign accordingly by following the link provided. We can only trust that the voice of the people will be heard and respected.

The Petition letter says:-

“Aldabra Atoll, part of the Seychelles, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1982 in recognition of its unique ecosystem. The islands are habitat of many endemic species, including thousands of Aldabra giant tortoises (Geochelone gigantea).

This paradise has thrived since time immemorial with virtually no human interference thanks to its remote location.

However, India now intends to set up a military base on Assumption, about 37 kilometers southwest of the atoll. In the worst case, the islands could become a battlefield. In any case, however, the atoll’s ecosystem would suffer from the introduction of invasive species, pollution of the air, soil and water, noise and the danger of oil spills. Military personnel swimming on the pristine beaches and the disposal of plastic and other waste would be further issues.

Please do your part to protect these unique islands. The treasure that is Aldabra Atoll must not be sacrificed to military and geopolitical interests”.

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