Police: Airline employee stole from planes at Dallas airport


A Texas airline employee is facing theft charges after he allegedly stole items from people on planes he helped clean.

Airport police believe Henry Ibarra took items from passengers who left things aboard American Airlines planes in Dallas. Ibarra has been working for the airline for 41 years.

“I would say that so far the value the items that we’ve recovered has been estimated at $7,500, but we’ve really only estimated the value of less than half of the stuff,” said airport spokesman David Magana.

Police discovered the thefts after a passenger said she left her phone on a plane last month. Cops traced the phone back to Ibarras house, where his son was using the phone after erasing all of the woman’s information. While at his house, authorities discovered at least 170 other items from American Airlines passengers.

Police say they found items like electronics, expensive sunglasses, iPods, e-book readers, and even American Airlines property.

American Airlines has suspended Ibarra while it investigates this case. Police are working on matching stolen items to their rightful owners.