President Obama paternal Kenya home in headlines for all the wrong reasons


(eTN) – The paternal home of US President Obama, Kogelo Centre, near Kisumu, Kenya, has come into the headlines again for all the wrong reasons. This time it is a set of accusations, counterclaims, and a government graft probe, which brought the intended tourism attraction into the news. A government minister called for an immediate investigation over the use of a grant worth 10 million Kenya shillings apparently misused for putting up, according to the minister, a “shoddy building.”

Community leaders have divided into two different camps, squabbling over the donation of land some consider unsuitable, again suggesting that vested interests have overtaken the initial grand vision of honoring the past of the present US president.

Notably, the US Ambassador to Kenya has seemingly gotten involved in the dispute by seeking to mediate between the two opposing camps, but only time will tell how to put the PR for the center back on the straight and narrow after these potentially derailing developments.