Thai Tourist Police dance video is a mega-hit on YouTube


Chiang Mai – A Tourist Police troupe dancing to the Korean pop song “Sorry Sorry” by the Super Junior boy band has become a mega-hit on YouTube.

More than 140,000 Internet users have viewed the video on YouTube and the number is rising. Many of them even called the 1155 Tourist Police hotline to compliment the men on their creativity.

Dropping their police uniforms, badges and guns to the side, nine officers of the 4th Tourist Police Subdivision performed the amateur music video, which also features scenes of their office and official duties.

Pol Lt-Colonel Thanakorn Dolthanakan, deputy chief of the subdivision, said the video was warmly welcomed by the public and tourists, getting thousands of clicks on YouTube and many phone calls via 1155.

Thanking the media and the public for their attention to the activity, Thanakorn said Maj-General Adis Ngamjitsuksri, commander of the Tourist Police Division, had suggested subdivisions make fun music videos to show at a seminar in Rayong.

The 4th Subdivision responded eagerly. The dance moves were taught to them by the daughter of female colleague Senior Sgt-Major Warangkhana Phaengsuwan, whose name was Krittiya Brown, just two hours before the shooting. The nine police officers starring in the routine were Thanakhorn, Lt-Colonel Yutthasit Boonkhlam, Major Phakphum Dechareungsil, Lt-Colonel Sukrit Malkhlasawat, Lt-Colonel Peerapat Boonphut, Lt-Colonel Chatmongkol Wasin-amorn, Captain Patthongthiew Damapong, Captain Amorn Sopa and Captain Mongchai Malipoung.

At the seminar, the 5th Subdivision, overseeing the South, presented an amateur music video to this year’s World Cup song “Waka Waka”, while the 3rd Subdivision, overseeing the Northeast, showed off their steps to the Thai song “Luk Thevada” (Angel’s Son).

Not to be outdone, the 6th Subdivision, based at Suvarnabhumi Airport, screened the video “Phukong Chaosaneh” (A Charming Police Captain).

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