3 Hour Rule for tarmac strandings is working


NAPA, CA – According to the latest data, last year in June there were 268 tarmac delays of over 3 hours. This year in June there were 3. Additionally, despite threats that the new 3 Hour Rule would cause mass cancellations by the airlines, the rate was the same this year as it was last year at 1.5 percent.

FlyersRights.org today pointed to the latest official Department of Transportation data to refute claims by airlines that the 3 Hour Rule is causing cancellations and not helping passengers. While the new consumer protections have only been in place since April, it is clear that these rules are working as intended, to protect passengers.

“Despite claims and threats by the airlines that the new rules, including the 3 Hour Rule, would spark mass cancellations and apocalyptic upheaval for passengers, just the opposite has taken place – tarmac strandings are way down and the number of cancellations has not changed,” said Kate Hanni, founder and executive director of FlyersRights.org. “We are very encouraged that these important protections are working as intended and that the airlines’ claims to the contrary can be added to the long list of falsehoods they have tried to sell the public over the years.”

“Though they are still engaged in a massive effort to subvert the rule and the facts of its implementation, the real data does not lie,” added Hanni. “Though many airlines have fought this rule tooth and nail and continue to do so, they are to be congratulated on improving conditions for passengers and following the law.”

To see the latest DOT data on this go to: http://www.bts.gov/press_releases/2010/dot156_10/html/dot156_10.html .