Aviation fuel prices up again in Uganda


UGANDA (eTN) – Alongside low supplies to the market for all white fuel products, including AVGAS once again, prices have also quietly crept up over the past week, with some petrol stations now charging a whopping 3,000 Uganda Shillings per liter of petrol, while paraffin, used in many rural and even urban households, now costs as much as 2,000 Uganda Shillings a liter.

The rise in fuel prices has already resulted in a hike in cross-country transport fares, and although the value of the shilling versus the US dollar marginally improved last week, rising international crude oil prices, added cost for shipments to Mombasa through pirate infested waters, and – some say artificially – low supplies resulted in the commodity prices going up.

Safari operators sampled yesterday were saying they had sufficient supplies in stock to operate all their safaris without any problems and as they quote safari rates in foreign currency, they also did not anticipate any sudden price hikes for their services.