Uganda Wildlife Authority eats own decision and names new acting executive director


UGANDA (eTN) – The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) board did not exactly convince onlookers, when a day after appointing the UWA director of finance, Mr. Joseph Tibaijuka, as acting executive director (ED), they turned 180 degrees and sent him on forced leave too, with the chairman of UWA quoted in the local media as feebly saying it was “not appropriate to appoint the finance director as acting ED” – a thought clearly coming to him and his fellow board members a day too late.

At the same time of announcing their turnabout, they also sent two more senior staff on forced leave, among them the director of tourism development, Ms. Eunice Mahoro, leaving observers both bemused as well as confused over the true reasons for the drastic action.

One regular source working closely with UWA on these issues suggested that the board better find hard evidence for what they are suggesting to the public by their action while also saying: “They are new, they may want to make an impact, leave a mark, or stamp their authority on UWA’s management from the word go. The old board served for one term, this is also somewhat unusual, so what is really going on in UWA? Are people right now being railroaded for expediency[‘s] sake or are there truly things going on the public did not find out about? Mapesa was a tough counterpart when dealing with him and never gave us the impression he was on the take or otherwise ‘dirty’. Let that audit complete now to get some answers, but if the chairman does not find the dirt he is looking for, then his own tenure is under the microscope too.”

Mr. Mark Kamanzi was meanwhile named as acting executive director of UWA and will now be finding it paramount to keep morale among staff intact and high to meet the daily challenges the authority is faced with besides pleasing his new masters to to avoid the same fate which befell others before him.