Like every year, the LGBTI+ community will be honored in Brussels throughout May. The Belgian Pride Festival will take place from 4 to 20 May and will offer a range of activities. The unmissable Belgian Pride and the Parade will round off the festival and bring the streets of the capital to life over 4 days.

This will be the 23rd edition of Belgian Pride , opening the European Pride season, as it does every year. The gay-friendly capital of 500 million Europeans will demonstrate its diversity, its openness to the LGBTI+ community, and its zest for life. For this new edition, Belgian Pride will be 4 days long and cover new initiatives and activities. The traditional Pride Kick-Off (formerly MiniPride), on 4 May 2018, will mark the beginning of the festivities. The parade will go through the streets of Brussels to the fanfare of the Meyboom.

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