Over 700 tourists stung by jellyfish in Spain


More than 700 people are said to have been stung by jellyfish whilst they were holidaying in Spain. Most of the jellyfish stings have occurred in the Costa Blanca region of Spain which is a top holiday destination.

It is said that there have been at least 700 jellyfish stings take place in the area since Sunday and there were more than 380 reported in just one day alone. Usually, there are only few jellyfish stings in this area but it seems that it has since become infested with the jellyfish, leading to an unusually high amount of stings.

The jellyfish in the area are said to be extremely small and they are almost invisible, which makes it very difficult for the swimmers to keep away from them and many have been warned to stay out of the water. The unusual numbers of jellyfish have been blamed on a strong current which is responsible for sweeping the jellyfish into the area. This is certainly not the norm for this part of the world.