RwandAir replaces foreign chartered airlines for troop transport


(eTN) – Having acquired additional aircraft in recent months, the Rwandan national airline, RwandAir, has won a bid to fly peacekeeping troops from Kigali to Darfur, where the country maintains a major presence under the United Nations mandate. Previously foreign carriers had filled this gap and operated the regular flights, at times dogged by controversy, but now that RwandAir has B737-500 aircraft on their fleet, they were at last able to not only contribute troops but also fly them there.

It was also learned that the delivery of the second leased B737-500 was on schedule for the end of August, allowing the airline to roll out their planned network, frequency, and capacity expansion as reported in earlier articles. This has, according to a source in Kigali, already resulted in adding a Sunday flight to Kilimanjaro/Arusha in Tanzania, making it now four a week.

Meanwhile, the airline has announced sweeping changes in their scheduling of flights out of Kigali, and intending travelers are urged to visit for updated information or else call RwandAir or their travel agent to avoid either missing their flight or coming way too early to the airport.