Mauritius – the Gateway to Global Tourism


Riaz Nassurally, proudly writes:- “Warm Greetings from the Island that has been conceived with love by lovers, it has been designed with great passion & devotion for travelers! Just type the word Mauritius on google, the 1st picture, the face of Mauritius will be appeared in front of you as you can perceive it”.


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As one of the most attractive islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has become a popular destination for tourism and investment. Mauritius is an eastern African nation in the Indian Ocean, known for its unparalleled mix of beaches, coral reefs, mountains and warm hospitality – the perfect tourist destination.

It was rated as the best performing economy in Africa, ranked 46th out of 140 economies in the latest edition of the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report. These statistics uphold the performance of Mauritius as a fast-growing economy and the ideal location for investment.

Moreover, the government of Mauritius is focusing its efforts on creating the right environment to foster innovation, creating 8 Smart Cities and 5 techno-parks. These state-of-the-art infrastructures will further boost sustainable economic growth and enhance the competitiveness of Mauritius as an incomparable hub for investment and tourism.